Lifestyle Program


White House Chefs

Monday, October 14 • 10:00–11:30 am


Those employed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. are generally not known for their frankness. Even when they retire, they usually remain discreet. But, there are exceptions. For example, there’s the White House Chefs serving up this year’s Lifestyle Program.

They can really dish it out! They can tell you what goes on in the White House kitchen, from exquisite work that saved state dinners and facilitated international diplomacy to comical debacles and near-misses. They can talk about serious matters, like ensuring food security and making the best use of the White House Kitchen Garden. They can tell some funny stories, too, involving novice cooks from the First Family and some fastidious First Ladies. They can tell you which presidents kept them working late to supply their post-midnight snacks and which ones commanded them to “never make that again!” And they can dish it all with gusto while simultaneously whipping up favorite White House recipes and answering your questions about presidential protocols for food preparation, unusual menu requests, or whatever you have the appetite for.

The careers of the White House Chefs assembled by Chef Guy Mitchell Productions span from the administration of George Bush Senior to the present day. Armed with saucy stories, memorabilia and insight, they will share their achievements, pride and challenges while in service to their country. Bon Appétit.