Technical Workshops

Manufacturers and distributors often have the best research and development (r&d) teams in the industry. they constantly study trends and develop new technologies that are designed to help electrical contractors be more effective and efficient on the job. Again this year, NECA has partnered with our exhibitors to bring you nineteen (19) technical workshops in the areas of power, improving productivity, alternative energy opportunities, new management tools, security, and life safety.

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12:00–12:50 pm, room 1, tw-1
Cable Pathway Selection and the National Electric Code
presenter: Eric J. Sadler, Snake Tray
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12:30–1:20 pm, room 2, tw-2
Stuxnet, Cybercrime and System Sesign
presenter: Paul Rosenberg, on behalf of Jones Bartlett Learning
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1:00–1:50 pm, room 1, tw-3
Electrical Safety in the Workplace
presenter: Chris Pavese, Salisbury by Honeywell
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1:30–2:20 pm, room 2, tw-4
The Digital Takeoff Takeover
presenter: Karl Rajotte, Maxwell Systems
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2:00–2:50 pm, room 1, tw-5
Myth-busting: the Truth Behind Data Center Marketing Trends
presenters: Dave Sterlace, Thomas & Betts Corp.
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2:30–3:20 pm, room 2, tw-6
Integrating LEDs and Lighting Controls to Increase Energy Savings and Cut Costs in Commercial Facilities
presenter: Christopher McQuillan, Honeywell Lighting Solutions
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3:00–3:50 pm, room 1, tw-7
Pre-fabrication + Labor Saving Product System
presenter: Aaron Jacobs, Orbit Industries + Lighting
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3:30–4:20 pm, room 2, tw-8
Back-up Power: Automatic Stand-by Generators
presenter: Dan Giampetroni, Kohler Generators
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12:00–12:50 pm, room 1, tw-9
Can Building Codes Ensure Power Reliability?
presenter: Bhavesh Patel, ASCO Power Technologies
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12:30–1:20 pm, room 2, tw-10
Project Delivery with BIM: How to Win More and Make More
presenters: Michael Delacey and Don Interdonato, Microdesk
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1:00–1:50 pm, room 1, tw-11
Emerging Optical Fiber Cabling Methods
presenter: Kurt Templeman, Sumitomo Electric
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1:30–2:20 pm, room 2, tw-12

Cable tray bonding and Grounding…is there a difference?
presenter: Bob Crain, Legrand
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2:00–2:50 pm, room 1, tw-13
Using 3D Laser Scanning to Drive your Estimating, Detailing, and Field Layout Processes for Renovation Projects
presenters: Mark Mandarelli, Trimble
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2:30–3:20 pm, room 2, tw-14
Growing your Revenues with Thermal Imaging
presenter: Frank Webb, Flir Systems
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3:00–3:50 pm, room 1, tw-15
RIO System: Retrofit Integrated Optics
presenter: Ajay Naruka, Venture Lighting International
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11:00–11:50 pm, room 1, tw-16
The Real ROI You Will Find from GPS Fleet Tracking
presenters: Brent Eynon and Phil Eatman, GPS Insights
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11:30–12:20 pm, room 2, tw-17
Innovation in Lithium-ion Cordless Tools
presenter: Daniel Ball, Milwaukee Electric Tools
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12:00–12:50 pm, room 1, tw-18
Growing Beyond New Construction: Customer Partnership Opportunities in Energy Efficiency
presenter: Glen A. Mazur, American Technical Publishers
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12:30–1:20 pm, room 2, tw-19
Auditing Employees for Safety Program Success
presenter: Steven J. Abbott, Qualified Safety
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