Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM

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Location: DCCC

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Attendees will learn how this new publication will help them avoid the mistakes of the early MEP BIM pioneers as they labored to develop the expertise that serves them so profitably today.  The presenter will discuss the perceived complexities associated with BIM and will dispel the myths related to the complexity associated with the practices of BIM. NECA members participated in the development of this document. It is the first publication of its kind for the MEP industries.  It contains a comprehensive collection of pragmatic tools and best practices you can put to immediate use in your business.



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    David Quigley

    David E. Quigley, MBA Graduate of the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire, is the Managing Director at Emerson Research and Construction Services; a construction services firm helping specialty contractors develop their BIM Implementation Plans. He has been publishing and speaking on the impact of industry standards for more than two decades and on BIM for the past eight years.