Success With Difficult People

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Room Number: 202A

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We all experience individuals whose communications and personality can present roadblocks to effective face-to-face communications and productivity.  This presentation draws from 25 years of experience to demonstrate how professionals can learn to effectively communicate and to deal with challenging and difficult personalities.


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    Byron Sabol

    Byron G. Sabol is an international speaker, consultant, and author. He has serviced clients in 11 countries and has presented to audiences in three continents. As one of the first senior level law firm client development executives in North America (Paul, Hastings, Janofsky, & Walker, LLP 1986-1994), Byron and his staff pioneered business generation, personal communications, and client service methodologies currently utilized by professional service firms and select corporations in the US, the UK, and Central Europe.

    As Executive Vice President of the largest promotional fund for the Mechanical Construction Trades Industry in North America, Byron was awarded the Diogenes Award presented by the University of Southern California School of Business and the Sales and Marketing Executives Association of Southern California for Excellence In Consumer Education.

    Mr. Sabol has presented to and has conducted workshops for NECA in the following locations:

    • Arizona

    • California

    • Chicago

    • Indiana

    • Illinois

    • Minnesota

    • Pennsylvania

    Byron has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and an MBA in Management with Honors. He has been a part-time faculty member at five universities in California and Florida. Many of his articles on marketing, client service, communications, and international business development, published in journals in the US and Abroad, are available to download at his website:

             Mr. Sabol is author of the book, “Taming The Beast: Success With Difficult People” [ByeCap Press).